lover of people + their stories



Hello! I'm Caryn Noel!

I am a coffee addict, globe trotter, belly laugher, thrifter, explorer, lover and modern-day story teller. I started taking photos on my mama's canon A1 film camera when I was 11 years old. My parents have always encouraged my creative pursuits (I know, i am insanely lucky!) and gifted me with my very own camera for my 13th birthday. My gear has evolved over the years but I am rarely without some form of a camera at all times. I appreciate the way visuals have the ability to tell a story in the present moment, as well as down the road for future generations.


I like to call weddings  "love stories" because that is essentially what they are! And who doesn't enjoy a good love story? *wink* I shot my first wedding when I was 15 years old. To this day I am baffled why a couple subjected themselves to a teenage film photographer. Bless their trusting hearts! I consider my shooting style to be nontraditional with a photojournalistic feel.  My aim is to capture authentic connection, unfiltered emotion and the beauty in moments. If you have a dance floor at your wedding, chances are I WILL BE ON IT AT SOME POINT.


In 2007 I took my first solo trip overseas. For six months I traveled with a team throughout South Africa + Swaziland. On that trip a part of my heart was unlocked. The combination of taking photographs while in a third-world context released fresh creativity + a deep love for the human race. There is something significant about meeting someone where they are at–eating their food, watching their traditions, sitting in their space, exploring their land, hearing their stories. It is hard not to see the world from another perspective. And for me, it is also hard not to fall in love with that specific person / people group. I always leave a trip with a greater appreciation for the power of human connection. My philosophy is simple: I believe that everyone has a story to tell + everyone deserves for it to be told well. Every long flight, strange food, sickness, sleepless night, near-death experience + awkward moment is a small price to pay for the honor I receive by telling someone’s story.


Recently, my sister and I started a business called Margo Polo. It's a remix of the oh-so-fabulous male explorer, Marco Polo. The more we travel and work with different organizations, the more we realize how quality visuals, design and social presence make a difference. We are passionate about helping individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, and socially conscious companies create beautiful content that accurately portrays the incredible work they are doing. If you are in a rut with instagram, your website or just need some direction, send us a message + we can get started.