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Oh yes! I've been to 56 countries + counting. Currently, I travel 50-70% of the year for work. When I am not traveling, I am typically at home in Austin, Texas or shooting a love story in some cute little nook of America. I travel internationally mainly to work with humanitarian clients, however, I occasionally travel for magical elopements and small intimate love stories. I am really comfortable with traveling + would consider myself a well traveled lady. If you have a life story or editorial shoot that needs international travel, you could easily twist my arm to get me there!


LOVE STORIES: You can expect at least 500 fully edited images. I curate a collection of images from your day that I believe tells your story well. My turnaround rate is 8 weeks from your wedding day.

HUMANITARIAN STORIES: You can expect at least 200 edited images per/day while I am shooting in country. My turnaround rate is 6 weeks from the day I get back home.


LOVE STORIES /  Someone that loves their life! Someone that is full of love, easily laughs and is willing to trust me to document the goodness I see in them (even if they can't fully see it themselves)! It’s the person who sees every moment of life as important + tries to live each moment fully! It's the person who is willing to take risks for the sake of love. If you desire to have your story told through images that are authentic, raw and beautiful, then you’re my client. You will likely gain a friend in the process too! BOOM Baby!

HUMANITARIAN STORIES / If you are a nonprofit or socially conscious company that cares about transparent and authentic visual representation then I AM YOUR GIRL. I really believe in the importance of telling someone's story with dignity. I live and breathe for beautiful portraiture. As a result, my goal on every trip is to take powerful portraits that reveal truth without compromising the humanity of the subject. I try to be mindful of this throughout every click of my shutter and I often flip my camera screen around to show the photo. I can tell pretty quickly if they are proud of how they are visually represented. If they are not, you better believe I will immediately delete it. People are ALWAYS more important.

Bodies: Canon 5d mark iv, mark iii, mark ii.

Lenses: Sigma 35mm art lens, Canon 50mm, Canon 24-105 L-series, Canon 100-300.

Canon battery pack x 2, speed light flash.

Humanitarian // Starting at $300 / day + travel

Love Stories // Starting at $3,000 + travel

Life Stories // Starting at $300 / hour

*Please contact me below. I would love to connect with you + have the opportunity to hear more of your story, desires and vision! I believe in the power of kindness and paying it forward! As a result, I do a few discounted (and occasionally 100% pro bono) elopements and humanitarian gigs every year. If this applies to you, please add that in your submission form. Don't be shy, darlin'! :)

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